6 Ways to Prepare You and Your Home for Spring

This frigid winter weather seems to be lingering longer than anyone wants, but that doesn’t mean that spring and warmer weather aren’t right around the corner. Soon it will be time to tuck away those thick blankets and open up the curtains! Here are some ideas on how to get you and your house ready to welcome spring!

Spring Cleaning

It may not be anyone’s favorite activity, but there is no better way to get into the mindset of a change in the weather than to pack away all those thick sweaters and heavy coats. While you’re on a roll you can declutter your home by donating all the things you don’t need anymore.

Let In the Air and Light

Toss open those curtains, wipe down the windows, and let in that nice warm breeze! After long months of the house being locked down, there is nothing like a fresh spring breeze to rid your rooms of that stuffy air. The light that will shine through those sparkling windows will remind you how great the outdoors can be.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Even though the spring weather can still be a little unpredictable, the outside is calling your name. Try to bring the outside inside with little planters! Now is a great time to get some seeds growing for a garden or to invest in some air purifying plants.

Try that DIY

The time has come to go outside and try those big DIY projects you’ve seen floating around the internet. Dresser drawer planter pots would add an amazing rehab chic look to that garden you started, or, if you wanted to start smaller, there are always plaster flower candle holders that would be perfect for patio parties!

Bright Colors

We tend to gravitate towards dark colors in the winter season, but as the season changes so must our color choices. It’s time to brighten things up by picking a bright color that makes you smile, like yellow, pink, or Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 – Living Coral! Trading out some dark vases, pillows, or artwork for a brighter alternative can go a long way toward getting you ready for spring.

Bold Patterns

One thing we love about spring is that the empty landscape of winter is being replaced with the complex growth of trees and flowers. Take some tips from Mother Nature and add some bold complex patterns to your own winter landscape!

No matter what you do while the weather gets warmer, we think we’re all ready for spring. If you do decide to try out one of these tips, don’t forget to tag us in the pictures on social media!

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